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Book P. 33-34 Zourna Solo 9/8 Erzurum (Garin) Rec. #18524

Columbia Records

Unknown soloist

Favorite Records

Vocalist (Male), B. Krikor

Another musical example in a 10/8 meter is the folksong “Yeg Anooshig” (meaning,“Come sweetheart or Come my dear.”)
Recorded on the Yeprad Record label, sung by Kaspar Janjanian. Yeprad Records #182B, circa 1920.
Accompanied by Harry & Melcon, two violinists with no last names provided.

Book P. 94 A. Mer Hairenik, Rec. # 54744

B. Tashnagtsagan Marche, Rec.# 54743

Odeon Record Company

Vocalist, Ohanes Effende

A red and black record with the words " international talking machine company, ltd."
A red and yellow record with the words " international talking machine co. H." on it
A series of black and green images with the words " trains " in front.

Book P. 98 Le Cottege Hongrois from Act III of Raymonde Ballet, Op. 57

Composer, Alexander K. Glazunov

P. 137-139 A) Ali Paşa Ağiti, composed by Abdurrahman Cabiroğlu.

B) Gargoud Deghatz, composer Bishop Karekin Srvantsdiantz,

lyrics by Catholicos Khrimian “Hairig” (Mgrditch Khrimian),

“Ah Vasbouragan” also known as “Akh Vasbouragan.” (Book P. 257, minor variant by this author)
Recorded on Odeon Records, # 778003-B. (in 10/8)
Vocalist: B. Krikor. Recorded in Constantinople, circa 1908 - 1912.
Authors note: After 1915 this song has always been notated in a 6/8 meter. Although melodious and pretty sounding, it loses its true “folk” quality.