Personal Narrative of

an Armenian Musician

Promoting Western Armenian Music


Preserving and Celebrating the Rich Musical Heritage

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Silenced for over 100 years, Western Armenian music is an integral part of the culture that was brought to America by the first Armenian immigrants. These were the Armenians that left Asia Minor before, during, and after the 1893 Hamidian conflict and the 1915 Armenian Genocide. It is the story and personal narrative of a second-generation Armenian music was preserved in the United States. This uniqure genre of music is now an American-Armenian phenomenon... the story, the music, dance and song from Bitlis (Paghesh), Diyarbekir (Dirkranagert), Erzurum (Garin), Kharpert, Sivas (Sepastia) and Van.

The musical examples referenced in the book (MP3 files and printed music) can be found in the RECORDED MUSIC and RESOURCES sections of this website. In the future, you will also find MP3 files of old Armenian recordings (from 78 rpm or LP’s).

The ARTICLES section contains brief topics on various subjects concerning Western Armenian music or Armenian sacred music.

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